Vendor Policies

We are Not a Flea Market

      For that reason, we do not allow vendors of "retail" goods.

     We do welcome sellers of used farming, gardening, ranch, and other outdoor equipment and supplies;  livestock, produce, eggs, milk and other animal by-products; hunting, fishing and other outdoor related Items.

     We also allow home made, homegrown, handcrafted and re-purposed items that we feel complement our other goods.  

     If you aren't sure whether your goods qualify, please send us a message with details, and we will be happy to review your request. 

Vendor Spots

COST = $10 per event - No Reservation Needed

SIZE = 10' WIDE x ??  (Length as needed)

SETUP starts at 6am  (No time restrictions - Come and Go on your schedule)

PLEASE be respectful of other Vendors by doing the following:

>>  KEEP Minimum of 6 ft of empty space in between Vendors

 >> Do Not waste space by taking up width of 2 spots  unless you paid for 2 spots

>> Pull straight in facing the Fence or Buildings unless other arrangements have been made.

>> Pull all the way forward toward Fence or Building

>> Do Not Block another Vendor or Invade their Space with your goods

>> Compact your Goods to a reasonable area to allow room for everyone

>> One vehicle per spot please.  There is ample parking nearby for support vehicles/staff.


First Come First Serve

      Vendor spots are not reserved and are on a "First Come First Serve Basis".  So Come Early to get the spot you want...  We're there at 5:30am!